How To Make Dog Toys

Buying toys at the pet store can be very expensive; a great way to save money is to learn how to make dog toys. There are many benefits of learning how to make dog toys, namely that you know what your dog is playing with and where it came from. Chew toys are great for redirecting a chewing instinct, and puzzle toys are fantastic for giving your dog the mental stimulation he so richly needs!

What you’ll need:

  • Old socks
  • Tennis balls
  • Your dog’s favorite treats
  • Dog kibble
  • Squeaker
  • Stuffing
  • Old water bottle
  1. Squeaker sock. Take a very long sock like a tube sock and put a tennis ball and a squeaker (either purchased or recycled from an old squeaky toy) into the toe of the sock.  Tie the top of the sock closed, making sure to leave a lot of room between the ball and the knot.  You can make dog toys even more fun by putting a second squeaker inside the knot as you are tying it at the top!
  2. Sock Octopus. Learning how to make dog toys is fun, and in this case, cute! Stuff the biggest sock with stuffing or old newspaper until it fills up the foot of the sock. Tie the sock at the ankle. Drop one tennis ball inside of eight more socks and tie each at the ankle. Tie all nine socks up with the stuffed sock on top sticking up like a little head. This will look like a little stuffed and bouncy octopus for your pup to munch on!
  3. Sock kibble dispenser. This toy is designed to work your dogs little brain. Dogs love to work for their food, and here is how you do it: take one long sock and make tiny snips in random places on the foot part of the sock. Fill the sock with kibble and tie a knot at the end; your pup will chew and pull it until he figures out how to get the kibble through the little holes!
  4. Food bone.  Learning how to make dog toys can be super simple, like this one: take one old sock and fill the toe with a little bit of food.  Tie a knot right above the food and wrap the rest of the sock around the knot so it looks like a little bone, with one side being the food and the other being the knot!
  5.  Crunch toy . Who knew learning how to make dog toys could help with recycling too? For this simple toy, you will take a clean and dry water bottle with the lid and label removed and place it inside of a long tube sock. Tie a knot in the sock above the bottle. Your pup will love this one because as he chews, it will crunch in his mouth!

The most important thing to remember when making your own dog toy is that safety is the most important thing for your pup. Make it fun, but also make sure it's safe. As with all toys, your dog should be supervised when playing with his new sock toys. Enjoy and have fun!

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