How To Make A Dog Vomit

When a dog has eaten certain things, you may need to make a dog vomit. There are times when dogs eat something poisonous or an object that they should not have eaten. It's not always safe to make a dog vomit, so be certain that the object that the dog ingested isn't sharp, which would do damage if vomited. Also, be sure not to make a dog vomit if the dog ate any of the following poisons: tranquilizers, solvents, acids, alkali, petroleum products, or industrial strength cleaners. Only induce vomiting within two hours of when the dog ate something it shouldn't have.

To make a dog vomit, you will need:

  • Bread
  • Toaster
  • Bowl
  • Hydrogen peroxide, three percent strength
  • Syringe
  1. Check with the vet first before making a dog vomit. To be safe, call the vet to see if what the dog ingested is safe to vomit.
  2. Toast a slice of bread. Set the toaster to high and make the toast black or burnt. Feed pieces of the toast to the dog. The toast will help absorb poison and neutralize toxins from the poison.
  3. Let the toast settle. Give the dog five minutes to swallow and digest the toast. The toast in the dog's stomach will help a dog vomit.
  4. Pour some hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Take three cc's of hydrogen peroxide up into the syringe. For a twenty pound dog, three cc's is all that's needed. For every twenty pounds or portion of such that the dog weighs, draw up another three cc's of hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Gently open the dog's mouth. Squirt the hydrogen peroxide into the back of the dog's mouth. If another person is available, have them help hold the dog and rub it's throat to encourage the dog to swallow. Give all of the hydrogen peroxide to the dog and wait for ten minutes.
  6. Wait for the dog to vomit. After ten minutes, often the dog will vomit. If not, give another dose of hydrogen peroxide and wait another ten minutes. If the dog still hasn't vomited, call the vet to take the dog in.
  7. Take the dog to the vet. The dog will probably still have some toxins in its system, so take the dog to the vet to get treatment for any residual poisoning.
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