How To Make A Dollar Bill Origami Yoda

Being the life of the party is easy-all you really have to know is how to make a dollar bill origami Yoda. Making Yoda out of a dollar bill has a number of advantages over other party tricks. One, you can do it in only five folds. Two, it only costs a dollar. Three, unlike the guy who tried to shotgun a beer in his pooper, you wont have to worry about any embarrassing pictures reaching Facebook in the morning. Grab a dollar bill, pay close attention, and get ready to win babes and amaze your friends by making a dollar bill origami Yoda.

  1. Make Yoda's torso. The first set of folds needed to make a dollar bill origami Yoda will aim at building Yoda's torso. Take your dollar bill and horizontally fold the right side over so the edge comes to about the center of the bill. Repeat this movement with the left side, only overlap the other side ever-so-slightly. You should now have a dollar bill folded in three almost equal sections.
  2. Make Yoda's ears. The next set of folds needed to make your dollar bill into an origami Yoda will give our folded torso some ears. Starting with the left side, fold down the top corner of the bill like you wood the lapel of a jacket. Yoda's ears stick out, so make sure this fold isn't completely even with the torso section (in other words, you don't want it to look like a folded rectangle like in the last step). Repeat this with the right side. Your dollar bill should now look kind of like a jacket that you could stick your finger through.
  3. Make Yoda's head. We said 5 folds, so here's the last fold needed to make a dollar bill origami Yoda. Take the very top part of your dollar bill and fold it in half. If you did it right, you should now have a square head with two ears and a jacket like torso.

Who knew that fun was so easy to come by? Fold a dollar bill origami Yoda next time you leave a tip and bar tenders will notice you faster and like you more. OK, maybe not, but it's still a cool little party trick to add to your repertoire.

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