How To Make A Dragon Cake

Are you looking for instructions on how to make a dragon cake? A fire-breathing dragon is a great novelty cake idea for a medieval party theme. Start with two round cakes and four cupcakes, made from scratch or from a cake mix. Then follow these five simple steps to assemble and decorate your dragon cake for amazing results.


  • One ten-inch round cake (favorite flavor)
  • One eight-inch round cake (favorite flavor)
  • Four cupcakes (favorite flavor)
  • Six cups of frosting (any color)
  • Eight chocolate-covered graham crackers
  • Four fruit gems
  • Four fruit roll-ups (including red and yellow)
  • One large marshmallow
  • Two chocolate chips
  • Two candy kisses
  • Two wooden skewers


  1. Dragon Cake Preparation. Use a bread knife to cut the two round cakes in half. For easier handling and assembly, freeze the cakes for an hour or so before slicing them. Then cut the graham crackers on the diagonal to make two triangle pieces from each cracker. Slice the fruit gems in half, too.
  2. Dragon Cake Assembly. For the dragon’s body, stand the ten-inch cake halves back-to-back on a cardboard cake board, or use a piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil. Hold the cake pieces together with frosting. Stand each of the eight-inch cake halves on either side of the body, to form the dragon’s hind legs. Again, use frosting for assembly. Use the cupcakes to form the neck, head, and tail. Trim the pieces as necessary.
  3. Dragon Cake Decoration. To frost your dragon cake, use an icing bag to cover the crumbs and fill the gaps between the cake pieces. Then use a spatula to ice the cake in swirls and ridges. Arrange the graham cracker spikes along the dragon’s back and tail. Use the sliced fruit gems to form four toes at each of the hind legs. Press the candy kisses pointy side down into the end of the dragon’s snout. Cut a large marshmallow in half to form the eyes, and press a chocolate chip into the center of each half.
  4. Dragon Wings and Fire. For each dragon wing, use a fruit roll-up and a skewer. Trim a corner of a roll-up before rolling it around the skewer a few times. Then cut the edges of the roll-up in the shape of bat wings. Because the wings are rather heavy, attach the skewers to the dragon’s back just before serving the cake. For a fire-breathing dragon, cut some yellow and red fruit roll-ups into strips and position them near the dragon’s mouth, under the snout.
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