How To Make A Dreamcatcher

Learn how to make a dreamcatcher for a summertime craft project. The legend goes that a dreamcatcher hangs above a child’s bed, resembling a spider’s web. A bead or stone takes the place of the spider. Bad dreams catch in the web, and the child has pleasant dreams.

To make a dreamcatcher, you will need:

  • A hoop or circle
  • String or cord
  • A bead, stone or jewel
  • Feathers
  • Piece of felt
  1. Begin with a circle or hoop made of grapevine, willow or plastic. To use natural dried vines, soak in water for 24 hours and then bend into a loop. Holding one end in place, weave the other end around and around so the circle is solid. Allow to dry.
  2. Cut a long length of natural or nylon cord, about fourteen to sixteen feet long. Use one end to tie a loop on the circle. The dreamcatcher will hang from this loop. It helps to fold the length of the cord around a small piece of cardboard for manageability. String a bead onto the cord before wrapping it around the cardboard.
  3. The knot used to make the dreamcatcher is a half hitch. Unwind a short length of cord, and loop it over the back of the hoop loosely, then bring the cardboard through the hanging loop to the center. Do the same thing all the way around the hoop. The last hitch should be about a half inch to an inch from the hanging loop.
  4. The second round is another series of half hitches. These half hitches are made in the center of the loops made from the first round. Pull the stitches tight so the bad dreams are caught in the catcher.
  5. Determine if you want your bead in the third or fourth round. It can be anywhere in the loops. You’ll notice that the loops are becoming smaller and smaller, so the bad dreams won’t have anywhere to get through.
  6. Continue to almost the center, leaving a hole in the center. The cord should end at the bottom of a loop. Tie two half hitches side by side, and allow the loop to hang. The good dreams will slip through the center while the spider will catch the bad dreams.
  7. Tie one or two feathers on the end of the cord. Wrap the cord and the end of the feather with the piece of felt, about an inch in diameter. This hides the end of the feather and the knot.
  8. Decorate the bottom of the dreamcatcher with other hanging feathers, beads or other baubles. These won’t catch dreams, but they will look pretty.
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