How To Make Drinks Glow In The Dark

If you want to spice up your next party, read on to learn how to make drinks glow in the dark. This is a really popular theme for birthday and teen parties. It is also inexpensive and fun. These tips will show you how to make it appear that the drinks are glowing. There is currently no safe way to make actual glowing drinks that are safe for human consumption.

To make drinks glow in the dark, you will need:

  • black lights
  • transparent drinking cups (neon plastic ones look the best under black light)
  • ice trays
  • tonic water containing quinine
  • clear beverage of choice (Mountain Dew glows the best; Kool-Aid or Sprite also works well)

These steps work better if they are followed in order.

The keys to great glow in the dark drinks are the lighting, the tonic water, and the cups. Be creative and have fun. A word of caution: the chem-lights that glow in the dark are not safe for human consumption. Remember, non-toxic is not the same thing as safe.

  1. Obtain several black lights. There are many sites online that sell black lights and their fixtures also. If you have a Spencer's nearby, they usually carry them too.
  2. Make the glow-in-the-dark ice cubes. The quinine in tonic water glows really well in black light. The more quinine in the ice cubes the brighter the glow. However, if the cubes are made completely out of quinine they melt faster than cubes that are half water and half tonic water. For best results, mix water and tonic water in a large pitcher and stir before pouring into the ice trays. If you start this process several days in advance, you can repeatedly make the cubes and store them in a separate container in the freezer until the party.
  3. Place the black lights strategically around the room. Pay special attention to lighting the area around and above your beverage table. The overall effect of "glowing" will be more intense if the entire room is lit by black light or a combo of colored party lighting and black light.
  4. Make the drinks and serve. Many people do not like the taste of tonic water by itself. The ice cubes will provide a glowing effect to all drinks. Make sure you use transparent plastic tumbler. The neon colored ones work the best. Serve clear drinks for a better glow. Tonic water and Mountain Dew are the two best "glowers". Experiment as the night goes on and take note of what glows the best.
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