How To Make Drinks With Vodka

Learning how to make drinks with vodka is almost as easy as getting drunk. Vodka is a popular spirit made mostly from fermented grains such as wheat or rye. In Nordic countries and Eastern Europe, vodka is generally enjoyed neat, which means it is consumed alone. The rest of the world, however, enjoys the neutral flavor-status of vodka as a versatile cocktail mixer.

To make drinks with vodka, you will need:

  • Vodka
  • Ice
  • Glasses
  • Juice
  • Soda
  • Vermouth
  • Limes
  1. Transparent cocktail To make drinks with vodka, you will have to discern what kind of vodka you have. If your vodka costs around $10, it will taste better mixed. If it is premium vodka, you should drink it neat. But if you are in the mood to mix, try a transparent cocktail like a vodka martini. To make a vodka martini, pour ice into a mixer, add two shots of vodka and a half shot of vermouth. Cover, shake briefly and strain into a martini glass.
  2. Staple cocktails Most of us start out making drinks with vodka using juice or soda. Perhaps this has led to the horrible onslaught of flavored vodkas that proliferates like madness across America. Vodka, especially cheaper brands like Smirnoff, are perfect mixer choices because they effortlessly blend into whatever you choose to drink them with. Common choices are juice or soda. To make a Vodka Seven, fill a cocktail glass with ice. Add a tall shot of vodka, a squeeze of lime and top it off with 7-Up.
  3. Make drinks like a Westerner Learning how to mix cocktails with vodka is becoming passé if you are a sophisticated Westerner who only buys the top shelf brands. Vodka like Stoli Elite or TRU Organic should not be mixed with Red Bull or Hawaiian Punch. The best way to make drinks with vodka of this caliber is to serve it up neat. Keep the vodka chilled and pour about two fingers into a cocktail tumbler. Participants sip it and ask how each other about their mutual funds and commercial property investments.
  4. Make drinks like a Russian The easiest ways to make drinks with vodka is to pour it into any glass you have laying around. The Russians have been doing this for centuries. They have their own vodka etiquette you should learn if you ever find yourself partying with Ivan. The first rule is no sipping. Vodka is cheaper than juice in Russia so do not make such a big deal about it. If someone buys you a drink, you have to buy them a drink, too. The oddest rule is you never leave an empty bottle on the table. It freaks half of them out and is insulting to the other half because it symbolizes the vast emptiness of the Siberian plain… or something like that. Keep the empty bottles on the floor.


  • Russians drink bottles and bottles of vodka. The drink-buying etiquette is an abusive cycle that will leave you crumpled on the floor. They chase vodka with beer or Coke and also eat pickled meats and breads. Choose Coke and eat the weird food. You might last longer.
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