How To Make Drum Set Cymbals Quieter

If you're a drummer who is practicing in a tight space and are just tired of your ears ringing, you might be wondering how to make drum set cymbals quieter. Getting a quieter volume without completely ruining the timbre and tone of the cymbal can be a challenge, but it isn't impossible. A number of professional and home-made methods can alleviate your crashing conundrum. Here are a few of the best ways to make drum set cymbals quieter.

  1. Buy professional quality cymbal mutes. If you're a serious drummer, the best way to make drum set cymbals quieter is to purchase a set of rubber cymbal mutes. These rubber pads fit right on top of the cymbal (you can often find them made for your specific brand) and deaden the clanging reverberations. The mutes come in small triangles (which only quiet the sound) or complete circles (which silence it completely).
  2. Use a hand towel to make the cymbal quieter. Using a simple hand towel (a bath towel is much too big), cut a hole in the towel and place it in between the cymbal and felt pad screwed on top of it. Play around with which towels work best depending on the volume you're looking for. You can also use a small piece of tape to hold the towel in place while still making the cymbals quieter.
  3. Place tape around the cymbal to deaden the sound. This is probably the cheapest way to make drum set cymbals quieter, but it's pretty effective. Using any kind of tape (athletic tape sticks well but also removes cleanly), place squares around the outer rim of the cymbal. Start off with a few and add more if you need less volume.
  4. Switch cymbals. Heavy cymbals are built to produce lots of volume. If you're using thick crash and ride cymbals, consider purchasing new ones. A thinner cymbal will produce a lighter sound with much less volume. While you're at the store, pick up some lighter sticks, too (they'll cut down on the sound you're putting out).

Making your drum set cymbals quieter can help you keep your bandmates, friends, and hearing. Hopefully, these ideas will help you rock out without blowing an ear drum. 

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