How To Make A Dual Subwoofer Box

Here are instructions for how to make a dual subwoofer box.. It can be fun to impress your friends with a great subwoofer system. A dual subwoofer box in comparison to a single subwoofer box can create more deep bass and sound. Follow these steps to learn about how to make a dual subwoofer box. 

What you will need:

  • MDF
  • Silicon
  • Wood glue
  • Saw
  • Terminal cup
  • Subwoofer Drivers
  • Wood screws
  1. Determine the dimensions needed for the dual subwoofer box. You will need to find this information from the subwoofer manufacturer after you purchase them. Dual subwoofers need a certain amount of air volume in the box to work best, so the dimensions of the box will need to be right to create this volume.
  2. Sketch out designs for the subwoofer box, keeping in mind the dimensions you determined before. Measure out the panels needed on MDF board.
  3. Cut the MDF to the right dimensions. Mark and cut the openings needed for the subwoofer drivers and terminal cup.
  4. Attach the dual subwoofer drivers to the panel with wood screws and glue. Attach the terminal cup to the other rear panel.
  5. Begin assembling the box panels. Use bracing to make the box more sturdy. This is done by attaching triangular MDF pieces to the inner edges of the box. Use wood glue and wood screws for assembly.
  6. Attach the speaker wire from the drivers to the terminal cup before closing up the box. Finish assembly and then seal the box with silicon.

Tip: Speaker carpet can be attached to the outside of the subwoofer box for a professional look, or you can paint it.

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