How To Make A Duct Tape Belt Buckle

Many tutorials will tell you how to make a duct tape belt, but they almost always tell you to use a metal belt buckle. To make a belt that's 100 percent duct tape, you'll need to make the buckle from tape, too—and it's quick and easy! For this project you will need scissors, your favorite color of duct tape, a ruler, and a flat place to work, like a table or desk.

  1. Measure and cut six four-inch pieces of duct tape.
  2. Set one of the strips of tape you've just cut in front of you lengthwise (so that the longest part is going toward you, not side to side) with the sticky side facing up. Take the tip nearest to you and fold the bottom quarter inch of tape up onto itself so that the sticky side presses against itself. Carefully roll the piece of tape upwards as tightly as you can. Try to keep the sides even, so that you end up with a cylinder shape when you are done.
  3. Repeat step two with three of the other pieces of tape; you are keeping the other two for a later step.
  4. Lay your ruler on the table. Arrange the four cylinders you've just made so that they are in an even row with the ends going straight up and down. Position them like this: one with the tip at the very end of the ruler (the end with the one-inch mark rather than the twelve-inch one), one at the one and one-quarter-inch mark, one at the two-inch mark, and one at the three-inch mark.
  5. Take one of your remaining two four-inch pieces of duct tape. Being careful not to shift the cylinders around, lay the tape across the tips of them so that a quarter of an inch of the tape's width covers them with the rest hanging off the ends. Gently press the tape down just enough to stick to the cylinders (don't stick it to the table in between them!).
  6. Turn your belt buckle over so that the cylinders are on top of the tape. Fold the part of the tape that hangs over the tips of the cylinders down onto them as far as it will go, pressing the sticky part to the sides of the cylinders tightly.
  7. Turn your belt buckle over again; you will see a slim line of the tape's color between the cylinders, and a wider strip of the sticky side of the tape. Take your scissors and carefully cut the tape along the sides of the cylinders up to the edge of the color line so that the sticky parts are free to move. Do not cut the cylinders themselves, only trim around them, and don't trim the colored part—only cut on the sticky side that is visible to you.
  8. Once the sides have been trimmed, take each sticky piece and wrap it up and away from the center of the buckle; press tightly as you go, so that it seals itself into place. This gives the top and bottom of your buckle's frame some body, so match the cylinders that make up the sides and middle.
  9. Repeat steps five, six and seven for the other ends of the cylinders. You should now have a smooth, closed duct tape belt buckle.

To attach the buckle to a belt, loop one end of the belt around one side of the duct tape belt buckle and seal the loop off. To fasten the belt, thread the free tip through both middle cylinders, fold it around the cylinder closest to it, and thread it through the other middle cylinder a second time; pull the tip to tighten.

You can make a fancier duct tape belt buckle by using a different color of tape for each cylinder, and if you want a large or smaller buckle, try using wider or narrower kinds of tape.

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