How To Make A Duct Tape Dress

If you are looking for unusual but low cost fashion, learning how to make a duct tape dress can give you the unique look that you want. Duct tape comes in a wide range of colors, so, you can customize your look by choosing the perfect hue, or even a pattern. Making a duct tape dress is not difficult, but it can be time consuming. Just check out the tutorial below.

To make a duct tape dress, you will need:

  • duct tape
  • a commercial dress pattern

To make a duct tape dress:

  1. Cut out the dress pattern pieces. Make sure that you use the guidelines that best fit your body.
  2. Begin making sheets of duct tape. To do this, tear off a length of duct tape about a foot and a half long and lay it flat. Continue laying strips of tape horizontal to each other and just overlapping. Soon you will have a good sized square of duct tape that will be the fundamental building block of your duct tape dress.
  3. Now, begin laying strips of duct tape over the sheet face down and perpendicular to the first layer of tape. This will allow you to make a sheet of duct tape that can be cut to size.
  4. Once you have many sheets of duct tape, begin cutting the sheets to the size of your pattern pieces. If you need a larger sheet of duct tape, you can tape two or more together.
  5. Begin taping your dress pattern pieces together in the same order the commercial pattern says to sew them together. Attach them to one another with a slim strip of tape.



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