How To Make A Duct Tape Rose

When you learn how to make a duct tape rose, you will find a wide array of usage for these roses. They make excellent gifts and are attractive when used as a decorative element. These flowers are a great accessory item. Plus, you can choose a flower color to enhance the color scheme in your home or office.

Things you need to make duct tape rose:

  • Duct tape any color
  • Dark green duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Drinking straw
  1. Purchase duct tape in the color of your choice. You can find duct tape at most hardware stores as well as at some retailers in a wide assortment of colors.
  2. Take the duct tape and cut several pieces of the tape into 2 inch length by 2 inch width. Fold one of the corners going towards the middle section, but make sure the sticky side is up and some of the adhesive exposed on the bottom and the side.
  3. Take the other side and fold down its top corner. The sticky edge should be on the bottom. Continue this process with the remaining squares.
  4. Get a folded piece of the duct tape with the sticky side in and roll it. This piece is the center pedals so make sure it is rolled tightly.
  5. Use the balance of the pedal and stick them in the center loosely. If, after you have finished sticking your pedals, you want to add more to give your rose a fuller appearance just add more pedals.
  6. Make the stem for your duct tape rose. Do this by cutting your dark green duct tape the same size as the drinking straw. Roll the tape onto the drinking straw to make the stem.
  7. Use a rectangular shape piece of dark green duct tape and stick the stem into the rose. Your rose is now complete to accessorize your home or to give as a gift.


Making this rose is a lot of fun. It might take a little time to get a hang of it, but it is worth the time and effort because the roses are gorgeous.

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