How To Make A Duct Tape Shirt

Interested in jumping on the latest fashion wagon and learning how to make a duct tape shirt? It may sound insane, but making clothes out of duct tape can be creative, fun and cheap. You can transform worn, torn garments into shiny, sci-fi creations that turn heads and swoosh as you walk like a gentle summer breeze. It may not be the most comfortable way to dress, but learning how to make a duct tape shirt will certainly make you the talk of the party. So here’s how you can make a duct tape shirt in one afternoon and become a shining example of the latest fashion fad.

To make a duct tape shirt you will need:

  • Two rolls of duct tape (minimally)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Mirror
  • Sense of humor
  1. Find an old garment. The easiest way to make a duct tape shirt that you can actually wear is to start with a conventional garment. Find a shirt that looks too ugly to wear in public but which feels really comfortable. Remember that duct tape is impermeable to air or water and will not breath the way normal fabric does. Once you finish making your duct tape shirt out of this old, hideous garment, the new shirt will be heavy and as airproof as a nylon bag. It’s better to make a duct tape shirt with short sleeves to help keep you cool.
  2. Select your duct tape. The best thing about making a duct tape shirt is the fantastic selection of duct tape colors waiting to entice you. Want to look like a walking traffic light? Or is camouflage your passion? Either way, you’ll find every color of duct tape you can dream of from neon to shiny, metal, military, gold, silver and even old-fashioned gray duct tape. You can make a duct tape shirt from a solid color or a rainbow of duct tapes. After all, it’s a crazy idea to begin with, so why not have fun with it?
  3. Make your duct tape shirt. Cut long strips of duct tape and start coating your old shirt from top to bottom and all around. Keep the shirt open not to accidentally tape the buttons shut, and do not duct tape the armpits until the end. Overlap duct tape wherever necessary but remember that the more duct tape you use, the heavier your duct tape shirt will be. Once every part of your old shirt is gone from sight, fold duct tape along the sleeve ends and around the collar. At the very end, use a single strip of duct tape to coat the armpits but keep the sleeves facing down. Otherwise you will duct tape your shirt sleeves in an upright position.
  4. Try your duct tape shirt on. Standing in front of a mirror, put your duct tape shirt on and look for any flaws in the way the shirt sits on you. If something sticks out oddly, simply flatten it with more duct tape. If the duct tape shirt chaffs your arms, prepare to wear a T-shirt under it. Otherwise, prepare to suffer for style as others have done before you.

Making a duct tape shirt is almost as fun as watching people’s reactions to it. Be creative and daring, and don’t expect your mother to cheer when she sees you.





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