How To Make A Dust Mite Test Kit

You can learn how to make a dust mite test kit. Dust mites are disgusting creatures that feed off of dead skin. Dust mites can even really affect people who are allergic to them. It’s really disgusting to think that something is living in your bed with you and eating your dead skin. There are measures that you can take to eliminate the amount of dust mites you do have. There are several ways to go about killing dust mites. First, you can kill them by using extreme heat. This means washing bedding in hot water. Another great way to kill the dust mites living in your bed is to use a steam cleaner. These are especially helpful for things that are difficult to clean. Anything that is upholstered will cause a definite cleaning dilemma. Using a plastic dust mite cover over your mattress can really help too. This eliminates areas that dead skin cells can become trapped in. It also limits their living space because all dust mites living in the mattress will be suffocated. Use a high quality air filter to remove dust mite debris from the air. Vacuuming every day is essential in reducing the amount of dust mites in your home. You may not be able to eliminate all dust mites, but you can definitely keep up with them. 

In order to make a home dust mite kit, you will need:

  • A microscope
  • Microscope slides
  1. Replace your vacuum bag and vacuum your bed and pillows thoroughly. 
  2. Vacuum for at least twenty minutes.
  3. Open up your vacuum bag and take a small sample of the dust accumulated.
  4. Spread the dust you found onto a microscope slide and then cover with a microscope cover.
  5. Line up the slide with the microscope and turn on.  You should be able to see dust mites everywhere. In order to confirm click on the link below and match up the sample to image of a dust mite.
  6. Doing this should be more for entertainment purposes than anything else. Everyone has dust mites. You will never be completely free from them either, but you can attempt to minimize them following the steps above. There are pricey kits you can buy, but they are pretty much a waste of money. They will tell you that you have dust mites, well duh, so does everyone.
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