How To Make A Duvet Cover

If you can sew a straight line on a sewing machine, you can learn how to make a duvet cover. Duvet covers can be fast and economical to make by using two flat sheets and an old comforter. Sheets can be purchased in a higher thread count than many comforters and are usually less expensive. They are also longer than the same size comforter, so they work well as a duvet cover. A new duvet can completely change the look of any bedroom and can help you recycle an old comforter or blanket.

To make a duvet cover you'll need:

  • A comforter or blanket
  • Two flat sheets the size of the comforter
  • A sewing machine
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Velcro
  1. Measure the comforter. One inch should be added to the length of the comforter for seam allowances.
  2. Cut the sheets to size. Cut off the hem at the top of the sheets. Don't cut anything off of the bottom of the sheet, this will create a finished edge.
  3. Place the right sides together. Pin along the top of the sheets and down both sides. Place pins one inch from the edges. Leave the bottom open and  unpinned.
  4. Use a straight stitch on the sewing machine. Sew a 1/2 inch seam along the top and sides of the duvet cover.
  5. Turn the duvet cover right sides out. Add self-stick velcro to the inside, open edges of the duvet.
  6. Place the comforter in the duvet. Secure it closed with the velcro. Use the side with the velcro as the top of the duvet cover.

Tips: You can sew the velcro on the duvet cover instead of using self-stick. You can also use snaps or buttons to close your duvet cover. Using designer sheets is another way of getting a unique look for your duvet cover.

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