How To Make Enough Money To Buy A Bugatti

Now, unless you happen to be the primary heir in Bill Gates' will or one of the world's most prominent multi-billion-dollar investors, you're probably wondering just how to make enough money to buy a Bugatti. Granted, there are numerous ways to rake in the dough, let alone make any sort of substantial income, yet there will always be those in life that happen to take the "high dollar" road and earn significantly more coin than us normal folk. So, the money needed to buy a Bugatti doesn't come cheap, but some techniques can be learned to increase your profit-maximizing skills.

To earn enough money to buy a Bugatti, you will need:

  • Ambition, discipline and determination (after all, $1.6 million doesn't just come to the lazy)
  • A high-yield savings account
  • Money to invest
  1. Get motivated! The money required to buy the Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, currently the only vehicle made by the famed French company in production, is a grand $1.6 million just for the basics. Rich people have the money to buy a Bugatti, and being rich usually isn't that easy (unless you have a prior advantage), so it is time to get motivated! Among the key traits you will need to acquire prior to moving on are ambition, discipline and determination. These will help you get all of the money you need to buy a Bugatti Veyron.
  2. Get a job, grouch. This one is obvious. If you don't have any money now, how are you going to be able to invest any of it later? Go submit an application to flip some burgers if you have to. So long as there is income coming in, the chances of you actually getting the money to buy a Bugatti at one point will increase tenfold.
  3. Investments! Whether it be in education, the stock market or business connections, it's time to take that hard-earned dough and turn it into a growing investment. In order to make enough money to buy a Bugatti, you will need a little more than just your average minimum wage gig. In fact, many prominent entrepreneurs still don't make near the $1.6 million in profit required to acquire a Veyron. So whether it be a college degree or some carefully-picked stocks, you need to invest your money to buy a Bugatti.
  4. Put your investments in a high-yield savings account. Two million dollars is a long way from here, and high-interest savings accounts are the perfect opportunity to take advantage of literally free money. The more you store, the more you get back, and it's really free!
  5. Don't withdraw until your money is (at least) at that secure $1.6 million. Want to be an idiot? Just try to liquidate all of your savings accounts for something trivial. It's called a "savings" account because it saves your money until it hits that magic number. Smart people will save until they have all the money needed to buy the Bugatti they want.
  6. Sign up for direct deposit. With direct deposit, all of your moolah will flow straight to that bank account, so no need for temptation. To make enough money to buy a Bugatti, you'll need to be temptation-free.

If you follow all of the steps above, then you will be on your way to getting that dream car! Although Bugattis are super rare super cars (only about 200 of the Veyron 16.4s have been sold), big earners can afford them. When you make enough money to buy a Bugatti in the future, don't forget where you learned these financial tricks.

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