How to Make Every Shot in Basketball

While you may not be able to learn how to make every shot in basketball, you can develop your shooting mechanics to improve your shooting ability.  Being able to make every shoot involves a great deal of hard work.  Take these areas into consideration to be able to work towards making every shot.

  1. Work on ways to develop consistency.  Perfecting shooting technique requires consistency in every aspect of your shooting motion to make every shot.  Get someone who understands shooting to look at how you shoot, to see if you have any negative tendencies.  Working on shooting when you're tired, exhausted, or fresh will allow you to see how tiredness or state of mind may affect your consistency.
  2. Use a consistent, high arc.  Shooters who have a flat shot normally don't remain consistent, and thus cannot make every shot.  You may be more prone to be streaky if you don't have a higher arc, which gives the ball a better chance to go in, with a lower margin of error.  Use a higher arc to be better able to make every shot.
  3. A simple, quick, repetitive stroke.  Your shooting stroke should be quick.  It should also not have any variations in it, such as positioning of hands, or level of the elbows.  Again, it should be the same every time, as you want the maximum consistency possible to make every shot for your shooting motion.
  4. Practice makes perfect.  Great shooters are made from their dedication to practice and becoming better, in order to make every shot.  Become a student in the methods and knowledge needed to be a great shooter.  Become a great shooter by practicing these methods and perfecting a high-quality consistent shot, and you can have a chance at making every shot.


Shooting Form

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