How To Make An Eyelid Cyst Go Away

Are you concern about an eyelid cyst, and you want to know how to make an eyelid cyst go away. Well, an eyelid cyst is usually not a major ailment. An eyelid cyst happens when the eyelid gland secretes fluid, which is necessary to lubricate the eyes. One of the glands becomes inflamed and forms a cyst on the eyelid. Normally, you can make your eyelid cyst go away by using a warm compressor.

Things you need to make an eyelid cyst go away.

  • Soft cloth
  • Warm water


  1. Obtain a clean soft cloth. Get some water and heat the water until hot, you are going to use the water to make your warm compress. Therefore, make sure the water is not too hot to burn you when you use this treatment.
  2. Take the clean soft cloth and immerse in the hot water. Wring the water out and now you have your warm compress.
  3. Place the warm compress on the cyst. Doing this helps circulate the blood to the affected gland, and start the healing process. You may have to do this a couple of times for a couple of days until the cyst go away. This process normally works with no problem. However, if it does not, and you notice the cyst becoming larger or your vision impaired. You will need more in-depth care from your physician.
  4. Contact your health care provider. Your health care provider may prescribe some form of antibiotic to make your eyelid cyst go away. Use the compress on the eyelid first and then add the antibiotic drop or ointment to treat the eye. The antibiotic treatment will heal the inflamed gland and the eyelid cyst will go away.
  5. Ask your doctor about other options. If after following your doctor prescribed treatment, you still have the eyelid cyst. Talk to your doctor about other options.  He may suggest surgery to make the eyelid cyst go away.

Since, the area around your eyes is very sensitive. It is very important that you use this procedure cautiously to avoid injuring your eyes.

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