How To Make Fabric Flowers

When you learn how to make fabric flowers, you gain a skill that will allow you to add a little panache to any outfit or a quick and inexpensive gift. They can be made with all kinds of fabric ranging from silk to lace to burlap. Fabric flowers can adorn shirts, dresses, bracelets or barettes. They also make a super posh replacement for a bow on top of a present. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to make fabric flowers.

To make fabric flowers, you will need:

  • fabric
  • a needle
  • thread
  • buttons or beads

To make fabric flowers:

  1. Cut out four or five round flower shapes on fabric. You can decide how many petals the flowers should have. The flowers look best if the fabric flower layers are similar but not identical.
  2. Stack your fabric flower shapes. The flowers' centers should all be lined up. You can either line up the petals evenly, or stagger them for a different look. Experiment and figure out which way you like them best.
  3. Sew a button or bead into the center with a needle and thread. Make several passes through the center of the flower to make sure you have it sewn securely.
  4. Attach your flower to the garment or base. You can sew it onto a shirt, glue it onto a headband, or, tape it onto a gift package.


  • Make fun and casual fabric flowers using checkered cotton fabric and bright yellow plastic buttons.
  • Make fabric flowers that look like sunflowers by using yellow fabric and a brown button for the center.
  • Make a fancy fabric flower by using luxurious fabric like silk and sparkly beads for the center.
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