How To Make A Fake Beard

There are a few ways to learn how to make a fake beard. Whether you want a fake beard for a new style or part of a costume, there are a few ways to make a fake beard.

Materials needed to make a fake beard:

  • Access to costume shop
  • Hair pieces
  • Scissors
  • Body glue
  1. Synthetic or real hair piece. Whether the hair is synthetic or real, it should come out decently enough to make a fake beard. Human hair is going to cost a little more, but since the beard is just for a small part of your face, it shouldn't be too expensive.
  2. Try on some fabric hair. Go to a fabric store and see what you can find in the way of hair to make a fake beard. You are bound to find something. It depends if you are looking for a 100 percent realistic beard or a costume piece.
  3. Take a photo of a beard if you need a visual aid or the costume beard you are trying to get. Cut up the pieces of fabric hair and glue them with body glue in rows around your chin and along your jawline. You'll have to place them close together and play with it. The sizes you cut the hair pieces into depend on the beard you are trying to get. Beards tend to be slightly fluffed up, so you'll have to decide if you want a fluffier or more smooth beard.
  4. Head to a costume shop. Again, this depends on whether you want a fake beard for a costume or if you are looking for a new look. A costume shop is perfect if the beard is part of a costume.

Your best bet is to get a faux hair piece and cut them to the most natural size that will work with your face. Get the same kind of glue women use to apply fake eyelashes and just play around with it. This glue is in the cosmetics department. This is the best way to make a fake beard if your looking for realism, hands down.



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