How To Make Fake Bruises

If you need to learn how to make fake bruises, then take this moment to heave a deep sigh of relief.  That's right, you've found the information you're looking for–right here, right now.

To make fake bruises, you'll need:

  • Some cheap, cosmetic wedge sponges
  • Red, purple yellow stage makeup, depending on how old you want your bruises to appear
  • Powder eye shadow in purple, dark bluish gray, yellow or green shades
  • A makeup brush
  • Translucent face powder
  1. Choose your base color. The base color will change depending on how old you want your fake bruises to appear. If you're looking for bruises that look very fresh, use red stage makeup; less fresh (let's say day-old) bruises require a purple base.  Older, mostly healed bruises take on a yellowish appearance, so use yellow stage makeup for the base color.
  2. Apply your base color. Use one of your wedge sponges to dab your base color onto whatever location you've chosen for your fake bruises. Spread the color so that the center of your bruise is darkest in color, and feather the edges for a natural look. Let the base coat dry before you move on.
  3. Apply powder eye shadow to make your fake bruises realistic. Wet the powder before you apply it with your wedge sponges. Use dark purple and bluish tints for fresh bruises; to give the appearance of older bruises, use dark green and yellow shades. Apply the darkest colors at the center of the fake bruise; blend your lighter colors in around the edges and remember to feather your makeup out from the center.
  4. Brush on translucent powder to keep the fake bruises from smearing. Wait until your bruises have dried and then use your makeup brush to seal them on with translucent face powder.
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