How To Make Fake Display Cocktails

Learning how to make fake display cocktails is simple and easy. There are many ways to make fake display cocktails depending on the available budget and intended use. Water displays are the least expensive, and work well for quick displays. Gelatin and wax displays take more time to prepare and can be reused.

Supplies Needed to Make Fake Display Cocktails

  • Cocktail Glasses
  • Garnish and Decorations – lemon or lime wedges, candied cherries, olives, straws, umbrellas
  • Food Coloring – water-based, liquid coloring
  • Water or Club Soda – for water displays
  • Unflavored Gelatin – for gelatin displays
  • Soy-Based Wax or Gel Wax – for wax displays
  • Small Pot or Saucepan – for gelatin or wax displays

How to Make Fake Display Cocktails with Water

The simplest and quickest way to make fake display cocktails is by using water and food coloring. These are ideal for quick, one time use displays.

  1. Simply mix tap water with the desired colorings and garnish.
  2. For a bubbly cocktail, use club soda instead of water.

How to Make Fake Display Cocktails with Gelatin

Gelatin displays are relatively simple to make. The temporary displays are reusable for a short period of time and spills are easier to clean up.

  1. Mix gelatin packet with hot, boiling water according to package directions.
  2. Add desired amount of food coloring; mix well.
  3. Pour hot gelatin mixture into cocktail glasses.
  4. Add garnish and decorations. To create a floating garnish, allow gelatin to partially set before adding garnish.
  5. Refrigerate cocktails until set; approximately one to two hours.
  6. Store fake cocktail displays covered in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry area between uses.
  7. Different colored fake cocktails can be made with the same gelatin packet. Pour plain gelatin into cocktail glasses and add coloring to each glass separately.
  8. Use a thin needle to poke small holes in the set gelatin for a bubbly look.

How to Make Fake Display Cocktails with Wax

Wax displays are ideal for permanent displays when properly cared for and stored. Wax cocktails take more time and patience to make then gelatin or water displays. With practice, wax cocktails provide realistic fake displays that can be used over and over.

  1. For opaque, or thick-looking cocktails, use a soy-based wax, available at most craft stores.
  2. Melt the soy wax over low heat; stirring with a wooden spoon to prevent burning.
  3. Add desired coloring to melted wax; mix well until evenly incorporated.
  4. Carefully pour melted wax into cocktail glasses. Ensure glasses are on a flat, level surface.
  5. Wipe the edges of the glass with a damp paper towel. Wipe off any wax that has splashed or run down the side of the glass.
  6. Add garnish and decorations. To preserve food decorations such as lemon wedges, coat with clear wax and allow to set prior to adding to display.
  7. Allow wax to sit undisturbed until thoroughly set; several hours or overnight.
  8. Store fake cocktails in a cool cabinet, away from direct light and heat. Displays may be lightly covered with plastic wrap to prevent damage from dust.
  9. For transparent and bubbly display cocktails, use gel wax. The garnish and directions can be suspended in the center of the cocktail if desired.

Benefits of Making Fake Display Cocktails

  • Fake display cocktails are attractive.
  • Fake cocktails are cost effective since they are made without alcohol.
  • Display cocktails can be used repeatedly.
  • Gelatin and wax displays are less messy and will not spill.
  • Realistic cocktails can be made at home without purchasing expensive pre-made displays.
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