How To Make A Fake Lip Ring

Learn how to make a fake lip ring. It is always a smart choice to wear a fake lip ring, because you can wear it whenever you like and you can take it off without having that unattractive hole. The flexibility of fake lip rings are tremendous! So much so that you will probably not ever want to get a real piercing.

  1. Find a studded earring of your choice. Make sure the stud in the earring is the perfect size for your lip ring. However you want your lip ring to look, make sure the stud is identical to that. You could test it by holding it up to the part of the lip you are targeting.
  2. Take the object out of the earring. Some earrings are easy to open at the base. Some have four corners you could adjust with your fingers to loosen the object. If not, use an ideal tool to get the object out that will soon be your fake lip ring.
  3. Glue the backside of the object. Once the object is out, flip it over to the back and use a mild glue of your choice. Make sure to not use too much glue, because it could get on the other side of the small lip ring. Also, make sure that you are not irritated by the glue you are using. You could do a skin patch test the day before to be really sure. Never use super glue, or gorilla glue. Those types are too strong and could ruin your skin. Silicone or mild rubber glues are ideal. Clear glues are more attractive and less noticeable.
  4. Carefully grab the object. It is best to grab the object by its corners. Do not flip it back over or the glue may drip. Be sure to hold a steady grip. If you feel that you cannot hold the lip ring with a steady grip, then find a tool or surface to hold the object before putting it on.
  5. Put on the fake lip ring. Once the glue is on the fake lip ring, adjust it in its proper position. Sometimes when you put on fake lip rings the glue may spread out of the sides, so use a small napkin to wipe away any glue residue. Do it really quickly before it dries.
  6. Let the glue dry. You may want to sit by a fan for faster drying. It usually takes about fifteen minutes to air dry, depending on what type of glue is used. Also, be sure to not wet your face at all while the fake lip ring is on, because it could interfere with the chemistry of the glue.
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