How To Make A Fedora Hat Out Of Paper

If you are attending a costume party or trying to find a fun craft to do with the kids, why not learn how to make a fedora hat out of paper? You do not have to deal with needles or thread, and they take only a few minutes to create! They are also great if you need party hats for birthday parties. Here is how to make a fedora hat out of newspaper.

To make a fedora hat out of paper you will need:

  • Newspaper
  • Glue/Stapler
  • Construction paper (optional)
  • Rainy day
  1. Make the first fold. Take the top and bottom of the newspaper and fold it almost in half, leaving about one inch exposed.
  2. Second fold. Take the top corners and fold them down, much like when you used to make a paper airplane when you were a kid. Again, leave another inch above the first exposed inch. Now you have two inches left open at the bottom.
  3. Bring it in, then tuck. At both sides, bring them into the middle. If you have a larger head, don’t bring in the middle as far in. Now, take the right and left bottom corners up to your middle crease. Tuck those into your middle crease. You almost know how to make a fedora hat out of paper.
  4. Third fold. Not the bottom exposed layered inch, but the one above it (the one in step two). Fold it up in a crease of about an inch.
  5. Folding it down. Fold top down and begin to fold it into the pocket you made previously, tucking all the sides into it. After they are all inside the pocket, secure it with glue or staple it all around.
  6. Open the hat. Open up your new fedora hat by putting your hand inside of it from the bottom, as if it was a paper puppet. You can have hours of fun with your kids now that you know how to make a fedora hat out of paper.
  7. To really class up your act draw a feather out of construction paper. Staple it jauntily to one side of your most awesome fedora hat.







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