How To Make Field Hockey Goals

Practicing how to make field hockey goals will help you become a better field hockey player. This sport is played much like hockey on ice, but you are playing on an indoor or outdoor field with no ice skates necessary. You hit a ball, rather than a puck, using a stick with a slight curve. The object of the game is to get the ball into your opponent’s goal to score points. If you make field hockey goals accurately, your team is more likely to win the game.

To accomplish this, you will need:

  • Field hockey stick
  • Field hockey ball
  • Target or goal
  1. Set up the target. To make field hockey goals, you will need to practice you accuracy. This means you need to be aiming at something. The target can be as advanced as a regulation sized goal, or you can use something simpler, like a mat or net.
  2. Put someone in front of the target. To make your practice sessions more challenging, mimic the events of a real field hockey game by putting someone in front or inside your target to block your attempts. Make sure this person is appropriately dressed with protective pads and a face helmet.
  3. Hit the field hockey ball correctly. You need to hit with the flat side of your field hockey stick, so make sure you’re holding the stick so that the flat edge, rather than the rounded edge, is facing outward. Place one hand near the center of the stick and the other at the top for greater control.
  4. Practice hitting with proper form. Before you can start the fast-paced hitting involved in a game, get the form down perfectly with some practice hits. The hand at the top of the field hockey stick is used for control and accuracy, while the hand near the center is what gives you the power and force to make field hockey goals.
  5. Learn different types of field hockey hits. This will allow you to make field hockey goals in any situation. For example, to drive the ball far down the field to make a goal, you will need to move both hands toward the top of your stick and take a hard swing, such as a golf swing. To hit the ball quickly across a short distance, like if you’re close to the goal, slide both hands more toward the middle and take a smaller, swift swing.
  6. Keep practicing. To make field hockey goals, you will need as much practice as possible. Once you feel you’ve got your accuracy down, add a few more players to the field and ask them to block you. This will mimic game conditions more fully and help you make field hockey goals during practice and when it really matters: during the game.
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