How To Make A Fillable Form In Word On Mac

It is one thing to create a fillable form on a PC, but knowing how to make a fillable in Word on a Mac is something that many people want to know as well, especially with the rising popularity in Mac computers among consumers. In truth, it is no more difficult that making a fillable form on a PC; all you have to know is how to navigate the Word program on the Mac. Follow these simple steps and making a fillable form in Word on a Mac can be very easy.

Things you'll need:

  • Mac computer with Word
  1. The first step is as simple as opening Word. To find this, find where your programs are listed and click on the "Word" icon. It will bring you to a normal Word document that will most likely be blank. If you have not yet installed Word, that should be your first step.
  2. When you are in the Word document, find the Office button. This is located at the top left of the screen on a Mac, although some older Mac systems might be different. If it is not located there, it might be in the bottom left or somewhere along the top panel of menus.
  3. Find where the toolbars setting is located on the Office menu. From here you can click on the “Popular Applications” button or the “Show Developer Tab” button. This is the area where you can access the fillable form ability for the document.
  4. Once you have found the adequate tab, the next thing to do is to find the “Legacy Tools” menu. Clicking on this brings the legacy application onto the toolbar.
  5. Before you start making a fillable form, make sure you lock the document. This ability is also found on the legacy toolbar. Simply click the button and the document will be locked.
  6. Once the document has been locked, you are then able to create fillable areas. These areas are only changeable if you decide to change it. Other than that, they are set as locked text. Everything that is not locked can be made fillable.

Making a fillable form in a Word document on a Mac is just as easy as anything else. All you need to know is the basics of where things are located in the Word program. 

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