How To Make Film

Many aspiring directors out there want to know how to make film, seemingly a simple task. Film, while a fun and creative art, has so many technical features and forethought that must go into it in order for its success. Those who make film have patience with their craft, and devote a significant portion of their time to its success.

  1. Know the genre of film you want to do. Some movie directors are good at drama, others horror, and still others excel in the pornography field. Film has a wide variety of sub-types and genres to work with, so decide what you are best with and go with that.
  2. Research other videos, movies, and clips within your genre. Comedians tend to be very knowledgeable about comedy, wonder why? It makes them very good at what they do. You will be good in the arts, with time, but for now check out those who are the best at it!
  3. Write the script, develop the plot, and work on story boards. This is all to get you acquainted with the process of making a film. No one makes a five star film on their first attempt, but it's important to have a "first shot" so you can build on it. Take into reference all of the movies in your genre you took notes on earlier.
  4. Casting call. How can you make film without a loyal crew to act out your every whim? Actors are the lifeblood of a script, and they are the ones who truly bring your ideas to life. Make sure each person is well qualified and suited for each individual role.
  5. Find a suitable location, get environments prepped, and work on outfits. Film is an art and art needs scenery, background, and costumes to look beautiful. Again, take note of those successful films within your genre.
  6. When all is ready, shoot your masterpiece. Don't take your film too lightly, as every little detail must be examined to produce something worthwhile. Poor acting, shoddy scenery, or a quirky script could all possibly ruin the success of your film.

One who makes film is an artist first and a director second. The whole point of movie making is to indulge one's creativity, and creative potential is best maximized with tons of forethought, research, and preparation.



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