How To Make Fish Bait

Learn about how to make fish bait so you can go fishing at any time without having to spend extra money on bait. Fishing is popular as sport and just for fun. The gear needed to go fishing can be costly but if you know how to make your own bait, you can save money over time. Many of these recipes for fish bait use things you'll probably have in your kitchen. Remember that fish are attracted to strong smells, so adding something that stinks to your fish bait might get you the catch of the day.

To make fish bait, you will need:

  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Bread, tuna fish oil
  • Shrimp, oil
  • Bread, strong smelling condiments and spices
  1. Make bread bait. An easy fish bait to make are bread bait. Take any leftover bread and break it into small pieces into a bowl. Use several slices of bread. Drain the oil from a can of tuna fish packed in oil. Pour the oil over the bread and mix. Store this fish bait in a sealable plastic bag. When fishing, form the bread into small round balls about half the size of a golf ball around the fish hook.
  2. Make shrimp fish bait. Another good fish bait is shrimp. Shrimp may be too expensive to use very often, but if you have leftover shrimp, it's perfect. Put the shrimp in a sealable plastic bag. Pour any cooking oil over the shrimp. When you're ready to fish, add a shrimp to the hook.
  3. Make smelly fish bait. Fish are attracted to strong smells. Tear up a few slices of bread and put into to a sealable plastic bag. Pour a couple of tablespoons of a binder such as mustard, barbeque sauce, or horseradish on the bread. Add spices like garlic or any other strong smelling spices or herbs. Mix well, then use a scoop of this to bait your fish hook.
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