How To Make A Fish Line Trellis

Need to know how to make a fish line trellis? The purpose of using a fish line trellis is to help prevent certain flowering vines or even grapes from touching the ground as they grow. Using a fish line trellis will help these plants not only stay off the ground but also aid them in climbing up a structure such as a fence, the side of a building or even along your deck. These simple steps will show you how to make a fish line trellis out of a common items.

To make a fish line trellis, you will need:

  • Vining plants
  • A fishing line
  • Small hooks or nails
  • A hammer
  1. Locate an area where you would like to start your vines growing. Make sure that the area has full sun for approximately six to eight hours a day. Then, prepare the soil in the area for your vines or flowers. You will need to determine the full height of the plant and mark the wall, fence or deck accordingly. If you are planting the vines along a deck or patio, then keep in mind the fish line trellis will also need to be secured to the tops of these areas.
  2. Attach the small nails or hooks at the height that you marked off. Make sure they are spaced approximately three to four inches from one another for the entire area that you would like to have covered. You can determine the space by the size of the plant, leaf size and blooming size.
  3. It is best to use a heavy weight fishing line to make the fish line trellis, as the heavy weight will help keep up the plants. Also, using the fishing line will provide an invisible barrier that only you know is there.
  4. Tie the fishing line to the nail or the hook and let it drop freely to the ground. Pull the line from the bottom tightly and make sure the line is straight and is aligned properly with the top. About four inches from the ground, add a nail or hook and tie the fishing line, securing it in place. If you are unable to secure the second set of hooks or nails into the ground, you may also use a pressure-treated board placed within the soil.
  5. To help train your plants and vines to the climb the trellis that you built, gently wrap the vines around the fishing line as soon as you are able to. Lastly, check your vines weekly for any that have sprouted out and need to be intertwined within the fish line trellis.
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