How To Make A Fish Trap

If you know how to make a fish trap you can catch fish of all sizes with little effort. You'll need:

  • Nine feet of three-foot-wide galvanized steel wire mesh. If you want to catch the littlest fish as well as bigger fish, buy a larger size of mesh.
  • Some 18 gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Rope
  1. Cut a length of wire mesh five feet long. Wire the ends together to make a cylinder. Overlap the edges by a few inches to make the fish trap sturdier.
  2. Close off one end of the fish trap. Cut two circles from your four-foot-long leftover piece of wire mesh. Each one should be about two inches wider in diameter than your cylinder. Put one circle onto one end of your cylinder, bend the edges down and wire it firmly in place. This forms one end of your fish trap.
  3. Place a funnel in the other end. Cut halfway across the diameter of the other wire circle, bend it into the shape of a funnel and wire the edges together so that it holds its funnel shape. Cut a hole in the end of the funnel; the larger the hole, the larger the fish you'll be able to catch. Place your funnel into the fish trap so that the hole points inward; when fish swim in, they won't be able to turn around and swim out.
  4. Put in a hatch. In one side of the fish trap, cut out a door about 12-inches square. Attach two six-inch lengths of wire so that you can wire the fish trap shut while you're using it, then open the door to remove fish or bait the trap.
  5. Set the trap. You can bait your trap with a sock full of wet dog food. Tie the sock closed and wire it to the inside of the trap. Tie a rope to your trap so you can retrieve it. Place the trap in a deep watery hole, or in an in-flowing stream.


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