How To Make A Flash Movie

If you want to learn how to make a Flash movie, you should first be prepared to realize that much of what you need to know will be included in the tutorials included with the software you choose to use. Otherwise, there are some basic concepts that apply in general to making Flash movies…such as:

  • Realizing what you want to achieve.
  • Selecting your software.
  • Knowing basic principles.
  1. Develop a mental picture. It’s obviously best to have at least a general idea of what you want to depict in your Flash movie before jumping into actual production. But this should present no problem, in that if you’re stuck for ideas you can always go to the Internet for inspiration (since there is no shortage of Flash movies available there).
  2. Be prepared to do some research and spend some cash. Once you become aware of your needs you’ll be prepared to do some shopping for the appropriate tools you’ll need to accomplish your goals concerning how to make a Flash movie. For example, you will encounter many products such as Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (which is considered generally as the most versatile program), but will have to base your ultimate decision on your personal needs and what you can afford before committing.
  3. Half a dozen of one and six of the other. Though various Flash movie programs will have their differences in implementation, they all share basic principles. For example, a typical tutorial might include instructions such as: “Draw an object using any of the shape tools from the toolbox located in the left-hand panel of the Flash interface…click on the car that you just illustrated in Step 2, hit the “F6"  function key on your keyboard to move the car forward, etc.” (But all of these instructions will deliver the same result … even if the wording of them varies.)
  4. Education is free. It’s best to realize that the marketers of Flash movie software and other such products are in the business of sales…and therefore typically provide free samples via limited usage demos you can download gratis from their web sites. So it would be wise to take advantage of such “come-ons” to educate yourself on the way to learning how to make a Flash movie.                                             

Learning how to make a Flash movie can be as simple or difficult as you choose to make it. But when all is said and done, it is a quest dependant mainly on an individuals desire to study, practice and be persistent.



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