How To Make Flash Movies

Learning how to make flash movies is much easier and more accessible now that it can be done with programs other than Abode (originally, Flash movies were only made for and by Adobe). Even though they are now able to be created with other programs, we will still detail how to do it the o.g. Adobe way. Here is a guide to creating a Flash movie.

You will need:

  • Adobe Flash Program
  1. Open Adobe Flash Program. Once you open the program, you will be introduced to a screen that is very basic— a blank canvas, if you will.
  2. Use the Animation Tools. In the upper right side of the screen, you will see various tools of animation. The white and black arrows are there for you to be able to move objects from one area to another. There is a pen tool that can create curves in lines, and the straight line icon is used to create—wait for it—straight lines. The paint bucket icon is a tool used to fill in areas with color. The eraser icon is meant to erase any errors you may have made during the animation process.
  3. Begin animating. The essence of animating is putting images together to make them appear as though they are in motion. So create your first image. An example would be a ball. To animate a bouncing ball, you would draw the ball at one point in its bouncing phase.
  4. Move the image. Using the black arrow, move the ball to its next, natural position and insert a keyframe (or use the F6 button). A keyframe will tell the program to remember this motion.
  5. Repeat motion steps. Continue with the bouncing animation and inserting the keyframes.
  6. Hit enter and watch the clip you've created. Once you've seen what you've created and made any changes, it's time to save the clip.
  7. Save your work. Go to file and save your project before you begin the exporting process. This way your project will be saved and you won't lose any of the information.
  8. Export your clip. Once you've saved your project, it's time to export. Make sure you select the export setting you'd prefer and the proper destination. This process may take a while, so make sure you have battery power and enough room on your hard drive.
  9. Enjoy your flash movie! Now you can upload your animation to YouTube, Facebook, and the web.



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