How To Make A Flat Screen TV Bed Mount

You can learn how to make a flat screen TV bed mount while putting many things into consideration such as the size of your flat screen TV. You can easily buy a TV lift kit in most appliance store and you can easily install it yourself to have a TV bed mount.

  1. Raise the bed. At least about eight inches of clearance is required to be able to place a TV bed mount for your flat screen television. You can use a bed raiser for this purpose. Test the right tilt that would be comfortable for you. It is always a good idea to check out how comfortable is the tilt of these mounts. Make the necessary adjustments on the tilt according to what is comfortable to you.
  2. Purchase underbed lifts used for mounting the TV in the bed. There are underbed lifts that can be purchased online or from any appliance stores. These lifts make it possible to hide the flat screen under the bed when you do not need it. Make sure that the mount can carry your flat screen TV. You should buy a TV bed mount specified for the size of your flat screen television.
  3. Check the specifications of the supporting bracket before installation. It is important to check the weight that the bracket can hold and the size of the flat screen TV it can accommodate. Purchase the support bracket according to the specifications of your flat screen. The manual that comes with your TV offers a mounting guideline. Most brackets conform to the Video Electronics Standards Association and you should buy one that comes with the VESA seal for better quality and safety.
  4. Attach the TV securely to the underbed lift mount. The lift that you purchase always comes with a manual. Follow the instruction carefully while ensuring that the TV is secured on the mount by tightening the screws well. This will prevent accidental fall of the TV from the underbed lift mount.
  5. Connect the wiring and cables. A wall socket would be your best option for convenience and it is the safest for connecting the electrical wiring. For an additional fee, there are some underbed lift models that already come pre-wired not only for the TV but for other sound systems that you might want to add to support the video and audio features of your flat screen TV.
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