How To Make A Floating Beer Pong Table

Learning how to make a floating beer pong table is probably one of the easiest tasks you will ever set forth in doing. Not to mention the fun you will have floating around in your pool playing beer pong. To make an accurate floating beer pong it should made using regulation sizes but if your pool or area where you need a floating beer pong table is not big enough, I am sure your players won’t mind to much.

To make a floating beer pong table, you will need:

  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Sharp Knife
  • Molded Plastic Cup
  • Drill
  • Extra Long Zip Ties
  1. Your rigid foam insulation should be cut to these specifications to ensure your floating beer pong table is regulation size:  Length 8’ width 2’, Height 29”.
  2. Using the molded plastic cup bottom as your template you will want to draw circles at each end of your beer pong table.  These circles should be drawn in pyramid style: For example the first row has four holes, second row has three holes, and third row has two holes and the last row having only one hole.
  3. Cut the holes you have just completed drawing out. Make sure you do not cut the holes to wide or the cups will not be able to sit freely in the foam board. To be able to play beer pong on your floating table the cups will need to be able to sit securely into the holes you cut.
  4. Measures your entire floating beer pong table and mark the center with a line. At this line you will want to cut you beer pong table in half. Drill three holes on either side of the pieces you put.
  5. Connect the table back together with the zip ties or twine. This will help the board move easier on water proving fewer spills.
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