How To Make A Football Helmet

Need to know how to make a football helmet. The idea of the helmet made today is to protect the head from injury. Each helmet may be designed to represent the team the player is on. The football helmet may be professionally made in a factory and many steps are included in the process of making a football helmet.

Things you will need to make a football helmet

  • polycarbonate alloy
  • multi-drill fixture
  • injection-molding machine
  • foam
  • vinyl
  • steel wire
  • plastic
  • paint
  1. Making of the shell of the helmet The process of making the helmet begins with the polycarbonate alloy pellets delivered to the manufacturer to create the outer shell of the helmet. The pellets are loaded into an injection-molding machine in which they become a hard outer shell.
  2. Drilling of holes  The outer shell receives multi holes in the shell done by the multi-drill fixture, which contains a drill for developing the holes in the shell.
  3. Foam liner  Foam is cut and fixed in size to fit the helmet. It is cut in three pieces to fit the top, sides, back and front of the helmet. This remains important as the foam will absorb a pound to the head during a football game. It will protect the player from injury to the head. Jaw pads are attached to fit below the earlobes.
  4. Face Masks The face masks are then attached to the helmet. The face masks are created out of steel and coated with hard plastic. Three different designs can be applied to a facemask. The straps for the chin are then attached. The team purchasing the helmets applies any decals.
  5. Final step of cleaning and storage The helmet is disinfected and hand polished. It is placed in a plastic covering and into a box where it will be stored till its owner comes for it. A serial number is placed on the helmet and on the box of the helmet.
  6. The helmet remains a protective covering for a football player. A football helmet is worn at all times to protect the head from injury during the game. The making of the football helmet remains a serious process as a person’s life may depend on its protection in the prevention of an injury



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