How To Make Free Standing Punching Bags

If you're serious about getting in great shape, knowing how to make free standing punching bags can mean achieving maximum performance instead of capping out at a lower level. Free standing punching bags are easy to make and cost a lot less than buying one pre-made. When you just can't manage to get to the gym, this at-home alternative to a professional free standing punching bag may just be your answer. 

To make a free standing punching bag you will need:


  • Sleeping bag, or pillow case and clothing, or duffel bag and yoga mat
  • Seven wooden boards
  • "S" hook
  • Hammer and nails
  1. Construct the punching bag itself. There are a number of different materials you can use to make free standing punching bags. A really easy option is to purchase a good sized sleeping bag. Keep it rolled up and in its cloth case. If this is too expensive for you, a yoga mat may be a better option. Roll up the mat and put it in a large pillow case or duffel bag to give your free standing punching bag its form. Use something soft like pillows or clothing to give it some bulk. Stuff it as much as you can to provide your free standing punching bag with a good level of resistance.
  2. Make a stand to keep it in place. In order to make a free standing punching bag which stays in place while you hit it, you will need to construct a good stand. Go down to a hardware store and purchase some wooden boards. You will need three for the base, which should form an "H" shape, and a couple more to allow the punching bag to hang. Three of these boards will be placed vertically to provide support for a shorter one, which runs parallel to the ground. If you are not able to determine the right size, ask a store employee to help. Use a hammer and nails to attach the boards. Attach a hook to the top board and hang your punching bag from this.
  3. Test the final product and make adjustments. Set your free standing punching bag somewhere safe and give it a few test punches. The bag should stay in place and the stand should remain stable. If this is not the case, you may need to add extra boards for stability or put something heavy on the base to keep it in place.
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