How To Make A French Connection Cocktail

Learning how to make a French Connection cocktail is simple. The French Connection cocktail is an elegant drink that is meant to be slowly sipped. This cocktail is reminiscent of a time of cigar smoking and fedoras, smoke filled lounges with a blues singing songstress and gangsters sitting at nearby tables. The French Connection cocktail epitomizes elegance and as such it has never gone totally out of style, but it is enjoying a revival in popularity as the nightcap concept is once again becoming fashionable. A French Connection cocktail is the perfect drink for a nightcap. It is a combination of only two kinds of alcohol, so make sure they are of excellent quality. The warming quality of the cognac blends well with the sweet almond of amaretto liqueur in this cocktail that is neither too bold nor too sweet. The almond also gives the French Connection a nice bouquet that is relaxing and pleasurable. No garnish is necessary because is the simplicity of the drink that is the hallmark of its elegance.

What you’ll need to make one French Connection cocktail:

  • One old fashioned glass or other short glass
  • Ice
  • One and half oz. good quality, aged cognac
  • Three-fourths oz. top-shelf amaretto liqueur
  1. FILL Fill a crystal or other good quality glass with ice. Fill it nearly to the top.
  2. ADD Slowly add the cognac into the glass, allowing it to chill as it settles to the bottom. Add the amaretto in a similar fashion.
  3. STIR Stir the cocktail by gently swirling the glass, allowing the cognac and amaretto to combine. Enjoy your cocktail by sipping it slowly.
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