How To Make A Friend Fall In Love With You

Knowing how to make a friend fall in love with you involves a certain level of risk.  You don't want to lose a friend, but you want to test the limits of your relationship to see if it could turn into something more. There are a few ways to make a friend fall in love with you while maintaining your cool, maximizing your chances of success, and retaining your dignity if things don't work out.

  1. Talk. You already know her as your friend, but spend a little extra time really learning about her. Ask questions and genuinely listen. She'll notice the difference. It can also be good to open up and share stories with her about yourself and your life, showing her different sides of yourself and a little vulnerability can help her fall in love with you.
  2. Compliment her. Offer a sweet, innocent compliment, keep it on the friend level, but give her that opportunity to see you as someone who cares about her. It's one of the first things you can do to try to get her to fall in love with you.
  3. Offer advice. Listen when she's complaining about a bad date, or in some cases about her current partner. If she deserves better, tell her. Offering some support is a way to put some subtle hints out there. Be sure to remember that when women share stories, they're rarely looking for a direct solution. Some support and, depending on the situation, an opinion about what she should do, is plenty. Be careful not to appear condescending. Being the guy who is always there for her can help her fall in love with you.
  4. Present yourself well. This means being clean and dressed reasonably well to hang out with your friend. This shows that you care about the time you spend together and want to look nice for her.
  5. Take chances with humor. Looking for a more direct way to tell her how you feel? Disguise it with humor. A flirtatious or mildly suggestive joke, as long as its in good taste, can help gauge her reaction and see if she has any interest in you. Flirt with a dose of humor mixed in, that way if it doesn't get the reaction you want, it's much easier to play it off as a joke.
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