How To Make Futuristic Movie Prop Armor

For the low budget independent film maker, learning how to make futuristic movie prop armor is a lot different then how James Cameron would have someone construct it. If you're trying to create futuristic movie prop armor, let your artistic side and your creativity be your tools. The average Joe doesn't have a million dollar budget for making futuristic movie prop armor. But, you should have scissors, markers and other household items to help construct your version of futuristic movie prop armor. Here are some ideas to help you throw together your version of futuristic movie prop armor.

Stuff you can use:

  • Styrofoam and Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • Markers and Spray Paint
  1. Preliminary Sketches. Before you can build any futuristic movie prop armor, you need to have some idea of what you want it to look like. How bulky will it be? Will it have holsters for futuristic weaponry? Think of stuff like that. Then throw what you think on some paper. You may be surprised, but you can actually reproduce your ideas pretty closely with common store bought items.
  2. Cardboard or pieces of Styrofoam. Use these to be the armor itself. Cardboard can be easily cut and fashioned to fit around certain body parts. Styrofoam isn't easily as molded, but you can still find certain uses for it. Also, Styrofoam breaks pretty easily so don't expect it to hold up during a rigorous scene. Remember, be creative. You could use the feeble condition of the Styrofoam during a fight scene or something. 
  3. Markers or spray paint. What do you think you'd use these for? Once you've constructed your armor, you use these to decorate it. Remember, your armor is totally born out of your ideas. Therefore whatever you want goes. Spray paint looks very vibrant if you apply it right. If you can upgrade and get the spray paint, do it. Everything will look better with a thick coating of spray paint. Don't spray your armor down in the house though.
  4. Duct Tape is your friend. Duct tape is probably the most important piece to creating your futuristic movie prop armor. This helpful item can be used in a number of helpful ways. The silver color of the tape can look futuristic. You can lay it over the Styrofoam or cardboard giving it that metallic effect. Duct tape is also good for making holsters, belts, even prop weaponry. If you can think it, you can probably build it with the help of duct tape. After fitting your cardboard to your chest and back, the duct tape is what will hold it all together. Yes, you need the duct tape to successfully make any futuristic movie prop armor.
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