How To Make A Gibson Cocktail

It is very easy to learn how to make a Gibson cocktail. The Gibson cocktail is a adaptation of the well-known Martini. It is usually prepared with gin, but can be prepared with vodka if preferred.

For the Gibson cocktail you only need two ingredients:

  • 2 oz gin (or vodka)
  • 1/2 oz dry vermouth 

To make the Gibson you will:

  1. Pour the gin or vodka and the dry vermouth into a mixing glass or shaker full of ice.
  2. Stir (Do not shake!) the ingredients of the mixing glass. Only stir the concoction a few times, as too much mixing will water down the drink.
  3. Strain and pour the mixture into a martini glass. Though usually served in a martini glass it can also be served in a cocktail glass.
  4. Drop a few cocktail onions into the glass and garnish the drink with a lemon twist.
  5. Serve and enjoy. 

The Gibson cocktail can be adjusted to taste. For a dry Gibson, add less than the suggested amount of dry vermouth. Try using only 1/4 oz of dry vermouth or only a few drops. For those who favor a very dry Gibson, they may want to pour the dry vermouth in the shaker or mixing glass first. Once the dry vermouth is in the glass or shaker, rotate the glass or shaker so that the dry vermouth coats the sides of the mixing glass. Once the sides of the shaker or mixing glass are completely coated pour out the dry vermouth before adding the gin. Then continue to prepare the drink as the instructions direct. Enjoy!



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