How To Make A Girl Come Fast

Having good sex and knowing how to make a girl come fast will give you enormous power in a relationship. Just about all girls have the ability to have an orgasm. The key is to make a girl come fast. Each girl is different, so using the proper technique is essential in making a girl come fast. Below are some tactics that you can use to make a girl come fast.

Things you'll need:

  • A massager
  • Advanced knowledge of a girl's body
  1. Find that g-spot and massage it. Make a girl come fast by touching her most sensitive area in her body. Insert your index and middle fingers up your girlfriend's vagina. Move your fingers against the front wall and two-thirds upwards. You should feel a small bundle of tissue; that is the g-spot. Massage it gently in a motion as if you are signaling someone to come over here. Do this correctly and have a girl come fast.
  2. Use a massager on her clitoris. This is an almost sure way to have a girl come fast. Because of its intensity, massagers are more effective in having a girl come fast than vibrators. Give her some good foreplay and then place the massager on her clitoris and she will be in an orgasmic bliss in a jiffy.
  3. Eat her out vigorously. A traditional way of making a girl come fast is to go down on her. Eat her out with all your might. Start slow and gentle and then suck her clitoris hard and flick your tongue quickly.
  4. Get her to physically relax. Getting her to relax is crucial to having a girl come fast. To have a girl come fast, you'll have to make her relax fast. Make sure she is already in a good mood before you two have sex. Before you two have sex, give her a good body massage. This should get her to physically relax even more. Also, it is a good idea to light some candles and make your bed comfortable.



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