How To Make A Girl Kiss You

Guys, do you want to learn how to make a girl kiss you? While there isn't any way to force a girl to kiss you (we're talking sexual assault at that point), there are plenty of ways to get her to want to kiss you. Whether you've been dating your girl for a while and you just haven't sealed the deal or if you are looking for ways to get that special lady to get closer, take note of the following tips:

  1. Have confidence. This one is easy. Guys, women want you to be confident and self assured. They don't want you to act super shy and standoffish. Now, with that being said, don't force yourself on her. Make her want to want you. Guys who force themselves on women may get a kiss, but they may also end up in court. You can still be a sensitive dude (ladies love that too,) but don't be a push over teddy bear all the time. If you do, you'll lose out on more than kisses (wink, wink.)

  2. Read her body language. If she's getting closer, let her. Move a little bit closer yourself. If she's gazing deeply into your eyes, gaze deeply into hers. One of the worst mistakes a dude can make is ignoring the obvious signals she's sending. When a girl is using her body language and facial expressions to tell you she wants to kiss you, don't ignore them. At the same time, don't be a dumb ass and misinterpret those signs. If she wants to kiss you, she'll be moving in closer, acting all girly, and she'll be waiting for you to move in for the kill.

  3. She lingers. OK, this is as important as body language. When you're at the end of a date or moment together, she lingers for a while. It's obvious she should go inside. It's obvious the night has come to a close. Yet, here she stands, maybe jingling her keys in her pocket, maybe she's looking for things to talk about. Regardless, guys, pay attention. If your potential lip locker is finding reasons to spend more time with you when it's obvious the night is over, take this as a sign. Grow some balls and go for it.

  4. Understand the worst case scenario. This goes back to confidence. Too many guys are afraid to go in for the kiss or to encourage a girl to kiss them. They worry about the consequences. What if she pulls away? What if she reacts with disgust? The simple fact is that the worst thing she can do is say no. At the end of the day, is that really so bad? Trying to get a girl to kiss you and failing is better than never having a girl kiss you at all. Besides, if you're a true player, it's a numbers game anyway.

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