How To Make A Girl Laugh

If you can learn how to make a girl laugh, then you have found a path to her heart. Humor is an endearing trait. In fact, it is probably more important than rock star abs and bulging biceps. A guy that can make a girl laugh appears confident and in control. Of course, you do not want to be a clown, telling one knock-knock joke after another. This is why a few tips on how to make a girl laugh might just come in handy.

  1. Be energetic. The first thing that you have to realize is that girls laugh for many reasons, not just because someone said or did something funny. You can make a girl laugh simply because she is having a good time and enjoys being around you. So just be energetic. Focus on showing her a good time instead of telling her a joke. If you can put her at ease and in a good mood, she will be doubled over with laughter in no time. 
  2. Make fun of yourself. Making fun of yourself is comedic gold. Simply put, you know yourself, and therefore it is easy to make jokes about yourself. This works on two levels. First, it shows off your funny side. Also, more importantly, it shows that you are confident in yourself. It illustrates that you are down to earth and do not take yourself too seriously. Of course, when making fun of yourself, do not take it too far. Being too self-deprecating will turn her off instead of make her laugh.
  3. Make observational humor. You do not have to be a professional comedian to make a girl laugh. Funny situations happen all around you. You just have to be observant. So keep in eye out and make a note of them when they happen. When the two of you are together, make sure you that bring these funny situations to her attention. She will appreciate the fact that you see the bright side of every situation. 
  4. Keep it classy. Leave the locker room humor in the locker room. Do not tell dirty jokes or talk about anyone’s genitals. Also, never make fun of her looks, her friends, or her family. There is a fine line between being funny and being a jerk.
  5. Avoid coming across as a clown. Of course, a girl will not automatically be attracted to you just because you can make her laugh. If are always telling jokes, then she may have a hard time taking you seriously. So avoid telling one funny joke after another. Yes, it is important to be able to make a girl laugh; but showing her your serious side sometimes is equally as important. 
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