How To Make A Girl Orgasm With Massage Oil

How to make a girl orgasm with massage oil is really quite simple. There are different techniques one must use to get their girl's body right where they want it. Massaging your girl and stimulating all of her pressure points is a sure way to get her to have a wonderful orgasm. Individuals want to make sure they are pleasuring all of their girl’s body and paying specific attention to her erogenous zones. In order to do this one must know their woman’s body extremely well.

Items needed to make a girl orgasm with massage oil:

  • Massage oil
  • Warm Hands
  • Patience
  1. Select the best massage oil. It is important to choose oil that you know your girl will not be allergic to. Most all massage oils work really well when doing a full body massage. Your girl will appreciate her body heating up and some find it a turn on.  
  2. Help your girl out of her clothes. Most women enjoy this. It actually gets them stimulated far before any type of contact is performed. While you have your girl nude in front of you, handle her body. Kiss it, rub it without any type oil.
  3. Lay your girl out on the area you have selected for the massage. Make sure the area is very enticing. You may want to choose a sexy blanket, pillows and scented candles to help with the mood. Your girl will appreciate all the effort you have gone through for her.
  4. Put the oil into your hand. It is extremely important to warm your hands and oil before applying it to your girl. This will show her how thoughtful you can be. The best place to start when giving a massage is the neck, shoulders and back. Do not just flip your girl on her back and begin massaging her breast and other areas of significant interest. You want to give her an orgasm doing this will not accomplish that. Appreciate her body from behind first.  Also starting at the neck will help loosen up any tension she may have. Start at the top and work your way all the way down to her feet and toes. Do not leave out anything.
  5. Take your time. Give your girl time to enjoy the massage. Just don’t rush through it because your hands are getting tired. Don’t grope and grab at things either. For someone women who are sensitive about their weight; this can be assure turn off. Instead rub and love each part of your woman. Turn her body on the way you would want your body turned on. This will help bring your woman to her body massage orgasm a lot sooner.
  6. Make sure you talk and communicate during the massage. Talk to your girl while massaging her body, let her know how beautiful you think she is; this will also help stimulate her mind. Helping your girl reach an orgasm is 50 percent mental, so you want to make sure her mind is highly aroused.
  7. Apply more oil to your hands. Keep your hands oily at all times. Use deep penetration and continue to massage your girl all over. Turn her over slowly when it is time to massage the front area. You want to take your time with each spot paying extra attention to her breast and between her thighs.  The more you rub and do be gentle and not rough. You will slowly bring your girl to an orgasm. It may take a couple of times before you know exactly what buttons to push on your girl. But once you know them you will have her having orgasms at the touch of your hands.
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