How To Make A Girl Orgasm Multiple Times

Learning how to make a girl orgasm multiple times takes practice and different techniques to ensure that she will have a mind blowing experience. The more you give, the greater you will get in return, so get ready to get her excited and squirm different times in one day.

  1. Stimulate her mind and body. To make a girl orgasm multiple times, she should be in the mood, and feel the heat in the bedroom. One of the ways for multiple orgasms is talking dirty to the point she will get wet and her clitoris stimulated without any touching involved. As for her body, kiss areas that make her eyes pop. It could be her earlobes, her stomach, her inner thighs, or gently squeeze her breasts or kissing the neck. Know what your girl likes physically and always aim to please erogenous areas.
  2. Communicate. Sex can be perfect if each woman comes with a handbook about what she likes sexually but in reality, it is not possible. The only way to give multiple orgasms is to find out what she likes. Is there a certain way you kiss her body? Does a particular way you touch her bring shivers down her spine? Is it the way you grab her butt? Tell her what she likes and more importantly, what can you do when performing oral sex that drives her wild. Once she explains, multiple orgasms will be a constant thing throughout the day.
  3. Lick her, as it is your last day on Earth. Women do not want a man that is bored with pleasing her orally and just want to screw and be done, as it is a surefire way to stay alone and have your hand as the only companion. A man wants to explore every part of his woman's body, including the vagina and work his way around to find out what makes her moan and become extremely wet. Enjoy orally pleasuring your woman and get a positive response in return, which is an orgasm.
  4. Perform oral sex then use vaginal penetration. Once you are in the middle of oral sex, stop and start stimulating her through your penis. At this point, she should be horny so penetrate deeply inside to feel her G spot, and you both can orgasm within seconds after the other.
  5. Try different body positions. Some positions are better than others are for a woman to obtain an orgasm. Doggie style is one of the best because a man can easily located the G-spot thrusting deeper in the vaginal area; plus you can stimulate the clitoris with your finger, which heightens sexual sensation.
  6. Take a breather. After your woman has an orgasm, she will be very sensitive to the touch so give her at least 10 to 15 minutes to warm up again. Use any of the tactics above for an orgasm or try out other techniques; sex toys or pornography to get her stimulated again.
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