How To Make A Girl Wet Over The Phone

If you want to have fantastic phone sex, you'll need to know how to make a girl wet over the phone. Often, girls respond to sexy talk in a much different manner than guys do. Here's how to warm her up to a sizzle, so you two can explode together.

  1. Study the girl before you start. Determine whether she likes a deep, commanding but sexy tone or a soft, sensual tone on the phone. If you get this right, the mere sound of your voice may be enough to get a girl wet over the phone.
  2. Start out with some romantic talk. You may think the best way to get a girl wet over the phone is by jumping right into the pornographic talk. Many women will find this turn off, however, and may decide to humor you or fake interest. Some may even hang up. Ease into the dirty talk instead.
  3. Listen for clues that your talk is getting your girl hot. She may lower her voice, begin to talk softly, or exhibit an altered breathing pattern. If she merely sounds amused, however, you may need to try a different tactic.
  4. Compliment her body. Say nice things about her body, but skip the obvious at first. Instead of immediately talking about her breasts or sex organs, talk about her neck, her legs, or even how you want to stroke the curve of her hip or lick the back of her knee. Once you know she’s responsive and most importantly wet, you can ease into discussing the obvious parts of her sexual anatomy.
  5. Tune into her fantasies. Create a sexy fantasy you know your girl will enjoy. You may remember a fantasy she’s discussed with you and recreate it on the phone. You may even get some ideas from the romance or trashy novels she reads. Just don’t read directly from the book when you're trying to get a girl wet over the phone. She’ll know, and she may not find it very sexy.
  6. Move into the hard core talk. Once she’s into what you’re saying and the sound of your voice, you may try some more intense, hard core talk. Get as dirty as you like when you're trying to make a girl wet over the phone, but listen for clues that she likes what you’re saying and wants you to go on. If she’s responding with dirty talk of her own, breathing hard, or sounds like she’s melting on the other line, you’re doing your job well. 
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