How To Make A Girl Like You

Are you one of those men who wonders how to make a girl like you?  Girls are complicated.  They can change their mind faster than they inhale their next breath.  Men are up against a lot of turmoil and confusion when they are trying to deal with the proverbial woman of their dreams.  How does a man have a chance with "Ms. Right"?  It is not as complicated as one may imagine.  Just a couple of very important tips that lead the man of the new century to the woman of the new millennium.  

  1. Don't work too hard:  Most women are professional and know how to open a door for themselves and choose the food they want to eat for dinner.  It is fine to open a door but if the lady already has her hand on the handle, don't brush it aside to be noble.  It is much better to allow the independent professional woman to be independent.  
  2. Respect her personal time:  Women are not available 24/7/365.  They have lives of their own and responsibilities, too.  They may be working late or they may be taking some "me time" at the local spa.  If she wants to talk to you, she'll talk to you.
  3. Don't be needy:  Just because she did not answer your phone call, or text message within seconds of your contacting her does not mean she is not interested.  Incessant texting is actually very annoying, especially if that woman is in an important corporate meeting.
  4. Don't presume that she knows nothing:  There is not a bigger turn-off than a man who presumes to know more than a woman.  Today's woman is more than a housewife and mother.  She is a capable and educated woman.  Well-read and ready to take on the world, you may be surprised to find that she actually can tell you things that you do not know.
  5. Respect as usual:  Humans desire to be respected.  Men expect it, and many times demand it.  Remember that women are also human beings and they deserve the same amount of respect, or even more, than some men.  Gender has no monopoly on respect.  Give it or don't expect to get it.
  6. If she's taken, don't try:  Nothing is less attractive than a man who thinks he is so cool that he can take someone else's girl.  Let's face it, women talk to each other; even if they do not know each other.  If a "taken" woman sees you in a club with another woman, she will likely confide in your date about her experiences with you.  This is not the way to keep your date happy and close by.  

A woman may be beautiful, sexy, intelligent, successful, or rich.  All of these very desirable traits should earn a woman the attention she deserves and the treatment that is warranted for a person.  No one is an object of another's affection.  Women are equals in all forums in the 21st century.  Don't forget that and you'll get mostly any woman that you want.



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