How To Make A Girlfriend Serious

When you have a new girlfriend, you will want to decide how to make a girlfriend serious if she is important to you. If she seems like she is the one for you, there is no reason to hold back and not go for it. It could be the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Once you decide that you are looking for things to be serious you can use these tips to help make it that way.

  1. No matter what, if you want to make a girlfriend serious, do no see other girls. If she is jealous of some of them, you might try to stay away from them for a bit. Make sure that she understand that she is the only one for you and that no one is going to take you away.
  2. Put her above everything in your life. Do not go out and hang out with your friends instead of spending time with her. The only thing that should come before her is your work or school. Girls are understanding about that, but not about friends or video games coming first to you.
  3. Tell her how you feel about her and that you want to make a girlfriend serious. If she knows this is what you are looking for with her, it can really help the situation. She won't be worried or wondering what you want from her. She will just know.
  4. Give her a gift. A small gift like a necklace or a mixed CD of songs you know she loves will do the trick. Just make sure you explain to her that you want to be serious as you give it to her. This will earn you brownie points for sure.
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