How To Make Girls Laugh

Knowing how to make girls laugh can make them become more attracted to you and possibly lead to a relationship. A laugh and a smile from a girl is one of the easiest ways to win her heart. Showing your sense of humor to a girl is a great way to break tension and jitters on first dates, can help the two of you feel more comfortable with each other and can draw you two closer together. Making a girl laugh can be the start to a beautiful relationship, you just need to know how to do it and when to do it.

  1. Tell embarrassing stories about your life. Find funny stories that you can talk about from your childhood, humorous mistakes you've made or a funny mishap that occurred earlier that day. Don't overdo it trying to make her laugh, just find appropriate stories based on the conversation at hand. You want to be charming with your sense of humor and leave a long lasting impression of yourself.  
  2. Make playful observation as you see fit. As you watch a girl's actions, discuss what you think she is thinking about or planning to do throughout her day. Be playful with the comments to make her laugh, but keep them harmless so that the girl doesn't take it the wrong way or think that you are being mean to her.
  3. Perfect your timing and delivery of your comments. Figure out when to be serious and when to make jokes. You don't want your sense of humor to be a turn off or come off like you are trying to hard. If you notice the girl is doing a forced laugh or does not seem interested anymore that probably means that you are clowning around too much and need to pull back.
  4. Quote lines from someone else's jokes when necessary. Depending upon the conversation or what direction the conversation is going in, when appropriate, you can quote lines from talk shows or funny dialogue from a movie or stand up act. Once you do quote someone else's joke, acknowledge where you got it from so she won't think you are trying to steal someone else's material, especially if she heard it before.
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