How To Make Girls Love You

Making girls love you is not as difficult as you might think. You don’t have to be anatomically perfect or mega wealthy to gain a woman's interest. You can't necessarily force someone to love you, but you can put your best foot forward and show a woman what you have to offer.  If you are genuine, and pick a woman who is receptive to seeing the best in you, you can make a girl love you.To earn a girl's immediate admiration, and ultimately, make her love you, here are some important tips:

  1. Flirt playfully, not shamefully. Don’t know how to tell if you should approach a beautiful stranger? Try to make eye contact with her, and if she returns the gaze and smiles, go for it. Women like guys to come up to them, as long as they’re interested. Try to keep conversation light at first and avoid clichéd pick up lines. After small talk, transition onto a topic that will separate you from the dozens of other guys roaming around the bar. This usually comes from asking insightful (but not too heavy) questions about her and her interests.
  2. Don’t be pushy. Wait to offer to buy her a drink until after you’ve held a conversation for a few minutes; it won’t feel like you’re pressuring her to talk to you. Girls love someone spontaneous and easy to talk to who won’t put pressure on them during a first encounter.  Women need space and they need time to decide whether they want to talk to you longer or not.  Look for physical queues and do not lash out if she doesn't seem interested.
  3. Keep it light. Women love humor or more specifically, good humor. Keep your jokes witty and sarcastic without being overly raunchy, deprecating, or worst of all, super cheesy.
  4. Share your passions. Separate yourself from the rest of the male pack by letting her know what you’re passionate about. Whether it be music, movies, books, cars, or traveling, a girl will want to know your interests and hopefully, if some of them match, the two of you will instantly click.
  5. Show an interest in her interests. On a first date, a guy often feels like he needs to prove that he’s worthy, since it’s make or break time. Too often, however, guys become so enveloped in talking about themselves and their stellar, datable qualities that they leave little room for the girl to take the mic. Girls personally find the incessant first-date talker selfish and rude, not to mention the fact that if many guys had let the woman talk a little more about herself, they might have realized that she wasn’t the best match in the first place.
  6. Don’t be a pushover. Women should always be respected, but you also need to respect yourself and avoid being bossed around. You do, in fact, want to remain a bit out of reach on the first few dates. Never act rude or sulk around, but if you're always at her beckoning call, she’ll most likely use you, get bored and then toss you aside. She’ll love an independent man who can entertain himself when alone much more.
  7. Small details matter. It is possible for even the most unobservant of men to notice one new, complimentary aspect of a woman if you look hard enough: note her jewelry, hair, scent or the color and cut of her dress. These little compliments can make a woman’s day and ultimately, make them love you. 
  8. Don’t lie. Once a woman knows you’ve lied, the distrust stays permanently. Honesty really is the best policy, as long as you exercise tact. Don’t tell her those jeans make her legs look squat, but instead suggest that you’d love to see her in a skirt since it shows off her legs, that way you’re actually complimenting her figure rather than pointing out her flaws. What girl wouldn’t love a guy for that?
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